Talks & Workshops

I deliver talks and workshops on Confidence, Self-promotion and the Business of Creativity for corporate clients, universities and creative and cultural organisations. I also deliver masterclass for coaches.

I’m a contributor to Cambridge University’s Queens Young Leaders programme, creating webinars that have been distributed worldwide. I have popped up on a wide number of platforms – from schools in the Bronx, New York to the wilds of rural Leicestershire; from the Victoria & Albert Museum to daytime TV and radio chatshows and keynotes for business networks through to my recent ‘Cheeky Letters and Dream Lists’ TED talk. I create and present e-courses, webinars and podcasts that are distributed globally. Cheeky Letters is now available as a longer live talk.

This year’s Coaching Masterclasses

Shouting Quietly – how to work effectively with quiet people. An intensive interactive which examines quietness in all it’s forms and explores a wide range of approaches for working with introverts and other quiet souls.

Write the book/Get Published – a comprehensive introduction to the world of digital and print publishing for anyone who has book inside them and wants the know-how to get it out there!

Both of these are available as standalone talks, half or full day workshops.

This year’s Talks/Workshops

The Art of Shouting Quietly – a guide to self-promotion for introverts and other quiet souls. (Based on the book of the same name)

• The talk is aimed at people who have brilliant ideas and excel at what they make, do or create but who struggle to be heard through shyness, introversion, lack of confidence or a simple mistrust of marketing and social media.

• Learn how to choose and use the techniques and platforms that suit quieter people and develop the confidence to use them. Find out where you can really shine in real life and online in order to successfully promote your products and ideas.

Available as a 45 minute talk with Q’s and A’s, and as a half-day/full day workshop.

Your Story, so much more than words.

• Aimed at people who want to create a powerful story about their work. This presentation shows how to build on all the elements of story (not just words)

• Learn how to craft the narrative that will engage people and build the relationships that will both create sales and attract loyal customers to sustain your business in the long term.

Available as a 45 minute talk with Q’s and A’s, and as a half-day/full day workshop.

Possibility: It’s never too late to start over.

• This is aimed to people who have reached a pivotal point in life and are ready for change. How do you reinvent yourself successfully and start a new career in mid life, after redundancy, or if you have no desire to retire from work.

• This talk draws both on the author’s own experience of rediscovering himself as a credible business author in his mid 50’s and on some really inspiring case studies of people who have ‘gone for it’ and created a whole new life (and income) for themselves.

Available as a 45 minute talk with Q’s and A’s, and as a half-day/full day workshop.