Coaching, Mentoring and 1-1 support

Who do I work with?

Upload Images.003I support individuals across a wide spectrum – CEO’s, Business owners, College principals, Vets, Musicians, Educationalists, Artists and Makers, Writers and Videographers – the underpinning theme is that I work with people who want to take a fresh, creative look at the way their lives and work intertwine – aiming to boost success and self-confidence in both domains.

Sometimes it’s the case that talented people find it harder to cross the threshold of anxiety and put themselves out there. I specialise in working with those people.

The benefits:

1-1 support is a great way to tackle the myriad things that get in the way of progress – lack of confidence, procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubt, and ‘fear of success’ – to name just a few.

  • You will feel that you are using your time more effectively.
  • Your thinking will be clearer –  more focused and effective.
  • You will be more confident in your choices and in your communication with others.

Why not set up a short free call with me to explore how I can help you?

During this session:

  • We’ll work together to create a clear vision of the things you want to achieve and the life you want to live.
  • We’ll uncover and clarify the challenges that may currently be getting in the way of your success – and what you need to do to resolve them.
  • You’ll leave the session inspired, knowing what you need to do next.

To arrange your free exploratory session, simply fill out the contact form at the foot of the page. I will reply promptly. Your email address will not be added to any database – it will only be used to reply to your query.


“Pete’s assistance is helping me navigate successfully through a whole series of major changes in my life. I intend to “retire” from a longstanding full time role as a local authority Chief Executive over the next few months to take up a portfolio career including 2 very different new businesses, some voluntary work and some flexible, part time roles.

This felt very daunting. How can I exit well leaving the Council and its people in a strong position to carry on succeeding? How will I adapt to not being in control and wielding power? How do I go about turning my visions into viable businesses? How will I get the energy boost I need from being around creative people?

Pete’s approach is perfect – he listens, he asks exactly the right questions at exactly the right moment, he gives the occasional pointer to invaluable ideas and experience, and he’s making me really believe in the art of the possible. “

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How does it work in practice?

We can work face to face, or online, or a mix of the two. This also depends on geography and how easy it will be to meet up. I’m based in the East Midlands, but travel widely – we can decide how it might work when we talk.

Sessions are tailored to your requirements – face to face or online meetings – interspersed with email and phone support – and scheduled so as to allow time for ideas and plans to develop between sessions.

I also send you resources and exercises, and may suggest areas of research that you will find helpful.

The underpinning structure encourages you to do these things:

  • Think clearly about where you want to be
  • Compare that with where you are now
  • Decide exactly what needs to be done to move forward
  • Overcome doubts, fears and insecurities
  • Strategise and take action


I have a three options for individuals – these are:

  • 8 hours of support split between face to face/skype meetings, email and telephone support.
  • 4 hours split as above, telephone and email support.
  • 2 hours – one local face to face meeting, with the option of follow up.

Costs & payment:

The exact cost depends on individual circumstances – email or ring me to find out how it could work for you. In certain circumstances, instalments can be arranged.  Please ring if you’d like to talk about affordable options. Some travel costs may be involved, depending on the distances involved.

Coaching can be paid for by bank transfer or through Paypal’s secure payment system.


My obligation to you:

We create an agreement which sets out my obligations to you, the amount of time we will work together and the fee we have agreed. The time is then drawn down as required, at a pace that suits you. The coaching agreement commits us both to the process for the agreed period of time. I work to industry standards and codes of conduct.

You can contact me by phone on 07810 415402, or fill out the contact form below, I aim to answer all queries within 48 hours.

Pete Mosley
The Art of Work
07810 415402